112th anniversary of item dating

I think I just heard a collective cry from all Seattleite's around the city.

And we stand behind our love of the staycation: a vacation with little to no travel, where it's just about hanging out, unwinding, and taking it easy.

It was just last summer that Seattle Refined had the chance to talk with Seattle author Garth Stein about his best selling novel The Art of Racing in the Rain - and the news it was going to be a made into a major motion picture.

Now one year later - The Art of Racing in the Rain is lighting up the silver screen! It is sort of sad how much we take the lowly merry-go-round for granted.

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com if there is something wonderful we need to know about! We write a TON about staycations, whether it's here in Seattle, on the Eastside, down in Olympia, or somewhere semi-close.

Save the DATE: 11/1/18 Multiple candidates running for public office will be given another chance to meet with residents within the the surrounding communities of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County View Post Our brother Rashad Wilson deployed on active duty across the globe organized a campaign to donate over 800 items totaling 00 in value to needy individuals in the community he currently is in.

View Post Omicron Sigma Lambda was nominated for Nashville’s Power Move Award reception.

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com if there is something wonderful we need to know about! As far as film trilogies go, third time is rarely the charm, and “ Angel Has Fallen” is no exception.

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  1. “When a single mom begins dating, they may just be looking for a break, a supportive ear for the challenging period they’re going through, fun outings, and sexual companionship that provide hope for the future,” says psychotherapist Sari Cooper, director of Center for Love and Sex. D., describes it as a “compulsive need to be a caregiver to romantic partners you perceive to be in distress.” If, like me, you style yourself as a happy-go-lucky, freewheeling guy, the challenges a single mom faces down day in, day out can compel you to want to wade into the mire and solve problems.