18 yr old dating 24 yr old

I ran away to live with him at one point of histronics.He was a nasty bullying twat who, in retrospect had narcissistic tendancies. he may well put less pressure on her than a hormonal 16 yr old.If she were going out with another 15 year old the chances of them having sex would not be especially lower.When I was 14 I started going out with a 22 year old.

Previously I have spoken to her about sex, only doing it when she is ready so long as it's over the age of 16, safe sex etc. On the other hand I don't want to force it 'underground'. With that age difference at that age, the relationship is likely imo, to be too unequal. Older men pick girls like that because women their own age are too clever for them/see straight through them. My first cousin fell pregnant at 16 to her 21-year-old boyfriend. No matter how great your 15 yr old daughter is, wouldn't it be better, at 24, to have a girlfriend who was old enough to go to the pub?I would sit down and say that to your dd, and say he is only interested in gping out with a girl 9 years younger than him because women his own age would make mincemeat ofhim. To be honest, the sex issue would not be what would worry me, rather the unsettling control reak this man may be.How much freedom do you give your DD - is she allowed to come and go as she pleases, or do you know where she is at all times? Because despite some people having an older boyfriend and it all being hunky dory, there are plenty of predatory men out there who are insecure freaks of nature, who prey on young girls and try and dominate them. On one hand I want to report him to the police, but I don't know if they have had sex. I really wish that my parents had stopped it, as it did me a lot of damage, as he was completely narcissistic. Trying to stop it when she's that close to 16, however, as opposed to 13, probably is going to backfire. It's not illegal for him to go out with her, only to have sex with her. In 12 weeks time she'll be able to do what she pleases with him anyhow. It wasn't hte end of the world, but if my folks had tried to interfere, I'd probably have done something stupid. I'm not sure how to advise - I started going out with someone of 24 when I was 13. It is not normal for an adult to have an interest in someone so much younger, however mature they appear.

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He showered me with gifts and didn't pressurise me into anything. There may be another problem if the relationship continues with respect to any exams she may be doing.

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  1. successful, spiritually minded, intelligent, good sense of humor, enjoys dancing and travelling. In those first weeks, she exchanged messages and a few calls with men, and even met some for coffee or lunch.