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3.) Read Private Dancer by Stephen Leather, a fictional story set in Thailand, however one that many expats claim is a fairly accurate portrayal of the way things work in the bar girl scene.

4.) Read the Thai Black Book – The Ultimate Thailand Survival Guide, another book highly recommended by expats.

Just after landing in Bangkok and getting checked into my hotel I decided to stick my head into the Irish Pub… Shortly there after I met an American guy that worked for the American Embassy in Thailand.

I feel like I could write a book based on my relatively short-lived experience in Thailand.

To explain all the nuances I have a few recommended resources for you: 1.) Read the Wikipedia entry on bar girls and be sure you understand the concept of “bar fines”.

At this point however, I am going to say something that many will probably find outrageous…

I have to say that I have a real love hate relationship with Thailand.

On one hand you’ve got a lot of pluses: a beautiful country, great weather, amazing beaches, gorgeous islands, beautiful girls, reasonable prices and warm, friendly locals (or at least so 95% appear to be on the surface).

If you really just want to meet a nice regular girl… As a farang (Thai for western foreigner) you will be automatically assumed guilty as a filthy dirty sex tourist by most non-bar girl Thai girls until proven innocent.

Proving yourself innocent can take weeks or months so don’t plan on it unless you live there.

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