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You would register both the API and application under the same Auth0 domain, and the application would be a first-party application.

The main difference relates to who has administrative access to your Auth0 domain.Google cuts some services because they have no users and no traction.That could surely be said for Blogger and Google , but here they are, still getting periodic updates.Thus, Xamarin cross-platform apps look 100% native on any device, providing better user experience, as compared to generic hybrid apps. The platform has two major products: Xamarin.i OS and Xamarin. In the case of i OS, the source code is compiled directly into native ARM assembly code (Ahead-of-Time compilation), while Android Xamarin apps are first compiled down to Intermediate Language and then – into native assembly code at runtime (Just-in-Time compilation). If you plan to develop i OS apps on Windows, it’s also possible as Visual Studio connects to the i OS storyboard designer and i OS simulator.However, in both cases the process is automated and tailored to handle such issues as memory allocation, garbage collection, and platform interoperability by default. There’s also Visual Studio for Mac which allows for running a simulator on the Mac or directly on a tethered i Phone. To get more in-depth understanding of Xamarin engineering aspects consider checking these resources: Main Xamarin Documentation Hub Xamarin.

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