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The reason the results are sometimes logical are the if conditions were successful.These if conditions if successful create sentences that are thought, this is a concept to think about for what I will now show.If they guess right they win, but if they guess wrong they lose. Two things, the if conditions the opposing team member uses and the if conditions the team uses to guess.The result of their guessing results in a win or loss.If you were to wake up at AM or AM the conditions to do so would be effective if they were the same as if the requirement were to wake up at AM.4.) The requirements loop, and in so doing the conditions to meet requirements will fail eventually.Here is another example to show the concept I’m explaining to you. Team member A intends to meet team member B at a certain point to defeat him or her.

I did all this work to grasp what I need to make this AI and I think I have done that, so learning classroom style is good now.5.) If team member A thinks the time to meet team member B has passed.The conditions of a different team member B meeting him or her waiting for team member B mean, a different part of the loop created different requirements, making the conditions set to meet the team member B and beat them and live, false.Now for a different point, the validating of thought.What if somebody see’s a result they identify as thought from if conditions and only they see it?

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