5 months of dating

If I am spending a lot of time around a man and we are ‘playing couple’ without a commitment, I’ve decided that after six months, playtime is over.

This is usually because one of us wants more than what the other is willing to give.

We dated for about 5 months, until the horror struck us that we were relatives...

Since we are both in our mid 20s, we were moved away from home and hadn’t had time to meet each other’s parents.

Of course, being official or unofficial are just words, and ultimately titles don’t make relationships…but commitments do.

So if a man can’t figure out if he wants to officially commit to me after months of serious dating, I choose to believe he won’t decide by me lingering around “playing” girlfriend for too long.

Just take us back to those early days when you couldn’t keep your hands off of us.

You can pretty much tell where this story goes now.You know those scenes in every romantic movie where the guy just can’t hold back anymore and just has to kiss the girl?Maybe they are arguing, and she just looks so damn cute that he interrupts her mid-sentence with a kiss.even had to create a new account cause it is so embarrassing I was talking to this guy on Hinge who had the softest of hazel eyes, and at the time, I thought he was the one.After exchanging a few messages, we decide to go on a date, and one thing lead to another, and we were a couple.

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