Accomodating diversity in Where can i find a chatt room to talk to females for a three sum

 I went to the car dealership and really “Jewed them down”.  Old people should have their driver’s licenses taken away because they cannot drive. In her fact sheet, The Evolving Language of Diversity, retired Senior Extension Associate (Cornell Cooperative Extension), Kathy Castania, provides us with some wonderful insights as to the power that words have to shape our thoughts, convey beliefs and perpetuate attitudes about groups. This is America, everyone can achieve if they really wanted to, and people on welfare are just lazy and out for a free ride. The fact sheet provides for understanding the challenges that come with creating a common language around diversity that is both affirming and empowering.It is about treating people with respect and dignity and increasing awareness.In an article entitled, “Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad”, Kathy Lechman, Leader, Diversity Development, Ohio State University Extension, shares examples of some common statements that many of us have repeatedly heard throughout our lives.In developing a common language around diversity it is important that language be affirming and not about creating blame, guilt or pity.Historically our challenge with language as it relates to diversity is that it has often been used as a tool of oppression for the express purpose of establishing and perpetuating systems of dominance and hierarchies between and among groups.

Whatever the case these statements convey beliefs and attitudes that ultimately take away from the dignity and respect that should be afforded all individuals.  Generation Xer’s have no work ethic and do not know the meaning of the word loyalty.Language provides a means for communication among and between individuals and groups.Language serves as a vehicle for expressing thoughts and feelings.For example, when we hear individuals struggle with finding the right terminology for referencing particular groups of people (i.e.African Americans, gay and lesbian, differently abled, etc), they routinely express their frustration by stating that the people from these groups…

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