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If you don't have a profile, set one up and "friend" your children."Parents should definitely connect with their kids and engage in social media with them," Ginsberg says."Just like you would prune a tree to make it grow stronger, prune your network to keep it growing." 3.Consider Obscuring Your Identity Altering your online identity has become a trend among college graduates and job seekers, especially for those users who post unprofessional content or haven't secured their network.By regularly signing into their network, parents can monitor their young ones' activity.Ginsberg also encourages parents to connect with their kids' friends.Facebook's general settings allow non-friends to view your information.As a general rule, Ginsberg advises allowing "Everybody" to find you in search and to message you, but only "Friends of Friends" should be able to see your pictures and videos.

In March of this year, Facebook came under scrutiny for changing its privacy settings, which made many users question the site's safety. "Facebook has a lot of tools in place designed to allow you to keep some information private to the public, but available to your closest friends," says Adam Pash, editor-in-chief of the technology site Life

To do this, simply use a different name or switch your last name to your middle name under "Account Settings." However, changing your name will reduce your connections, as people will not be able to find you under your legal name.

On the other hand, Pash says, "If your profile contains information you're not comfortable with a prospective employer seeing, then by all means, obscure it." Obscured or not, Ginsberg encourages users to monitor their content.

Only list the date of your birthday—not the year—and an email address; skip any phone numbers or addresses.

"If someone you know needs your address, they can email you to get it," Ginsberg says. Filter Your Photos Review every photo for appropriateness and good taste.

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Ginsberg stresses the importance of a secure network when posting family photos.

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