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Was opposed to recording KISS' sixteenth album, "Music From The Elder".However, he was out-voted two to one by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and, subsequently, was obligated to participate.It was almost as if he was just having some fun showing off. The set ended with a pounding rendition of “Cold Gin,” which also featured an extended guitar solo.Encores included “Detroit Rock City” and “Deuce,” and it is when you see Frehley tearing through the guitar parts of “Deuce” that you realize how important he was to KISS’ initial success.After leaving Kiss, Frehley embarked on a solo career, which was put on hold when he rejoined Kiss in 1996 for a highly successful reunion tour.His second tenure with Kiss lasted until 2002, when he left at the conclusion of what was purported to be the band's Farewell Tour.

“It’s starting to get hot up here,” said Frehley, while taking off his blazer about five songs into the show.

Frehley was also generous to the musicians, allowing them take lead vocals on some numbers and solo.

That, and their own charisma, made the concert experience even more enjoyable.

And for his performance of the 1978 hit “New York Groove,” he brought out his famous lighted guitar which pulsated to the beat of the song. It was during “Shock Me,” however, that Frehley showed his fans why he is the quintessential lead guitarist.

Sure, he hauled out his trademark smoking guitar for a part of the solo, which made for a fun visual, but it was what he played that seemed to impress the crowd the most.

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