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Simply place your amiibo character on the Power Saves platform and it is instantly recognized.

Select from the hundreds of game-boosting profiles - select the 'BOOST' key and your character is ready to play like never before!

After upgrading your Nintendo 3DS console to version 4.4.0-10 or above you will need to update your 3DS Action Replay by installing the update software downloadable from below.

Following the installation of the update software, ensuring the Action Replay is disconnected from the console, connect the Action Replay to your computer using the USB cable supplied.

Once the update is complete disconnect the Action Replay from your PC and reinsert it in to your console.

Powersaves is your gateway to amazing amiibo enhancements. Action Replay Power Saves is packed with codes and power-ups for all the great amiibo characters.

Can you confirm that the Action Replay is disconnected from your console?

A contradiction between these assets may occur should the new driver overlaps a few of the resources that happen to be already allocated to one of your older drivers.

This conflict can be handled by simply upgrading the driver, and in many cases by removing the new driver and then re-installing it anew.

How do I enter new Pokemon Platinum Codes into my son's action replay when it doesn't recognize the new game? If someone could give me some pointers or walk me through how to enter the codes and get the action replay to recognize the game I'd really appreciate it.

Since updating Powersaves, I have been getting this error message, probably because I have been unable to verify my new Code Junkies account - I typed in the wrong email when signing up.

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