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Facebook decided to keep Whats App independent, which proved to be the best possible move, especially considering the fact that some users expressed concerns over Facebook potentially meddling in the business and ruining the experience they’ve had so far with Whats App.

In order to turn a profit, Whats App needed to come up with a solution.

Him and Jan Koum than decided to take their savings of approximately 0,000 and travel to Latin America.

Whats App decided to decline Google’s acquisition offer back in 2014.

Whats App’s market value exceeds the GDP of numerous countries around the world.

Some of them come as no surprise, such as countries from the Balkans, but Whats App also appears to be more successful than some of the countries that top the lists of life satisfaction, such as Iceland.

The second trimester of the previous year was fairly successful for Whats App as the service had 450 million users who were using the app on a daily basis.

The quarter saw an increase of more than 150 million active users from Q3 2017.

Whats App was always reliant on its simple and straightforward nature to draw in new users.

The company has been gaining around 2 million users from this country over the last four years.

This pace is expected to last for at least another three years, with the number of people from the States who use Whats App reaching 25.6 million by 2021., we can see that Argentina’s population is on the upper end of the spectrum when it comes to usage among mobile internet users.

Instead of investing millions of dollars in marketing, they flooded the development department with resources to create the most liked messaging platform on the planet.

Most people would expect a company that has over 1 billion users to have thousands of employees, but Whats App surprises us once again.

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