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Maisel,” which is set in the 1950s, when a Jewish father tells his son, “Shiksas are for practice.” The intermarriage statistics that Purcell cites actually undercut her own argument: As the landmark 2013 Pew study on American Jews reported, 44 percent of married Jews — and 58 percent of those who have married since 2005 — have non-Jewish spouses.Purcell cites work by Naomi Schaefer Riley, who has written that Jews are more likely to marry out of their faith than people of other religions.Some online commenters have called it vaguely anti-Semitic.Many note that Purcell seemed to base her perception of all Jewish men on just the two she describes in the piece.Previously he was a web producer and pop politics writer for the Washington Examiner.(JTA) — Carey Purcell seems to be done dating Jewish men, as she explained in a Washington Post essay that earned her a deluge of attention — and none of it the good kind.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to want to date or marry someone of the same faith, ethnicity, or culture as you.After all, I think everyone would agree that it isn’t fair to anyone involved to go into a relationship knowing full well that when things get serious, you will have to confess to your significant other something along the lines of, “I really like you …but you’re just not Jewish.” Admittedly, it seemed like there were a lot more factors that contributed to Purcell’s breakups than just Judaism, and her article did not offer their account of why the relationships deteriorated.First and foremost, Purcell’s piece may be fundamentally misguided, but it is not anti-Semitic.Just because a take is controversial and challenging does not make it inherently hateful.

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  1. The founder of Date My, Robert Yau, has written that after speaking with singles he was surprised to find out how many dates and relationships ended because the other person was not compatible with their love for their pets.