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The FRST procedure can do some real good ....only you manage to get to Command prompt. Disconnect any external hard drives or external storage devices. Then power up the system and right away start tapping F8 function key on keyboard & keep re-tapping. You really need to manage to get to the Command prompt window if there's any hope of getting a diagnostic report, as I outlined before.

So far this is what I have tried: Do nothing - same screen but continuous looping of the screen every 2 or so minutes Pressing F11 - goes into the stage 3 of 3 screen Pressing F8 then: Safe mode - lists of loaded things/ numbers then a please wait, then same screen as before Safe mode with networking - lists of numbers then a please wait, then same screen Safe mode with command prompt - lists of numbers then a please wait, then same screen Last known good configuration (advanced) - same screen Directory services restore mode - lists of loaded things/numbers, then turns laptop up, upon switching on again choice of start windows in repair (doesn't let me do that) or normally - back to same screen again Debugging mode - same screen Disable automatic restart on system failure - same screen Disable driver signature enforcement - same screen Start windows normally - same screen Disable automatic restart on system failure (goes to Same screen) upon restart F8 then safe mode - results same as above Disable automatic restart on system failure (goes to same screen) upon restart, F8 then same mode with networking - results as above.C:\Windows\winsxs\- Restart the PC, you'll get the same 'configuring updates' screen but after a while it will carry onto the desktop!!! Having tried your suggestion, when I press F8 and click "repair your computer" it does not give me a language, time etc option, or command prompt after clicking on it.When I select repair your computer, it loads up the "configuring updates" screen which subsequently restarts again, and then I'm back to square 1 with the looping "configuring windows" screen. Kind regards Sheila configuring updates stage 3 of 3. * please try the following steps: * - Boot from startup repair F8 - Choose your language, time etc and select the "Repair your computer" option.It syncs the Eclipse project settings with that of the pom.If you for example change important plugin settings, such as the output java version, you will find that Eclipse will ask you to update the project and afterwards the configured Java runtime in the project will have changed to reflect what your Maven pom indicates.

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