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We also brought along Zetsuna to cover more ground.

Just from size alone it was noticeable that the Sacramento Convention Center mixed with the Sheraton Hotel was an excellent venue to hold 13, attendees.

Black ended up winning that game by promoting a pawn and White surrendering in response.

Finally, it was time for our highlight of the day at 6: Not actually participate with that tardiness, which would also be rude!

Our photographer, Keoicorp, had been to Sac Anime before many years ago at its old location.

We intend to interview them and post about them at a later time. For many years it was at smaller venue known as the Scottish Rite Center and was a two day event.

Much of the rest of the time was used to say farewells and capture any remainder memories on camera. But since then Sac Anime has only grown in size to such an extent that two years ago it moved to the Sacramento Convention Center. The weekend offers celebrity panels, game rooms, costumed chess, voice acting classes, and even ballroom dancing workshops.

The first game that Zetsuna was there for a Black Pawn dressed in a white labcoat, oddly enough ended far too quickly with mate occurring five moves later.

The next game lasted much longer and had high-cost trades to leave the kings, rooks except Zetsuna, this time on White , and six pawns each.

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After speaking to a few males not active in speed dating, he got some information regarding the speed dating event on Friday as well.

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