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Now I can finally write about it because filming has started on the sequel to the 2010 hit C-movie biggest Taiwan acting stars in Vic Zhou, Ariel Lin, and Bolin Chen.Even writing Zai Zai and Ariel’s names next to each other makes me quiver with glee, tossing in Bolin to form a love triangle is like someone giving me a free house and then offering to pay all the property taxes going forward. The three of them also collectively own a lot of awards hardware, in Filming has been low key so far (just started last week), but Zai Zai posted on his SNS three of the books that form the source material for this series, revealing that Ariel sent him the books to read prior to filming.

In this drama, Cheng You Qing (played by Ariel Lin) and Li Da Ren (played by Chen Bolin) know everything about the other person, except for the fact that they are in love with each other.

This scene of them negotiating which way to lean for kisses is so adorable and pretty realistic if you think about it!

Catch the first episode of “In Time With You”: Watch Now What are your favorite moments from “In Time With You?

Since I’m completely bitter over how there’s no Arielx Bolin OTP-ness, I’ll only write a quick recap this time.

Plus I’m surprised they released all three parts at the same time, without much prior promotion at all?

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