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For many, the distinction between marriage and civil union, is simply based on the gender of those entering into the union.

However, for those in the LGBT community, the distinction can impact the availability of benefits and rights for their partner.

However, pro gay marriage activists are beginning to impact public sentiment and some progress has been made toward equal rights.

Usually you have to be 16 and able to financially uphold Arkansas government and see the details.

It's almost impossible to find Arkansas laws on the internet. Box 1272-MV Little Rock, Arkansas 72203 Telephone: (501) 682-4692 That depends on the laws of intestacy in your state and whether the decedent had a will leaving the property to a beneficiary.

In many cases, people get caught up in the language used, so progress toward equal rights, can be slow.

Many people that are pro gay marriage, believe that the union should entitle partners to benefits such as health care and the ability to collect their partners pension.

However, those that are anti gay marriage believe those type of issues impact the definition of marriage.

The laws for a vehicle with a cracked windshield in Arkansas include a traffic violation penalty for driving with a windshield that is cracked and might obscure the vision of the driver.

In general, a ticket is given for this type of offense.

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In addition, that amendment strictly forbids the recognition of any union between same sex couples.

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