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After his arrest, Rachel tells the police that he was with her on the night of the death, which clears him of all charges.

That night, Loïc sees an ambulance pull up to his neighbor's house after Angélique tries to kill herself.

Five years after the attack, Angélique is released from the mental institution.Her therapist praises her progress and tells her, "If you keep taking your medication, you will be fine".However, when the cleaning man is clearing Angélique's room, he discovers her pills have been glued to the wall behind the wardrobe in a mosaic of Loïc, thus showing that Angélique has never taken her medication, and is still obsessed with Loïc.At this point the film rewinds to the opening scene when Angélique bought the pink rose.This time the film follows the delivery boy and the subsequent events play out from Loïc's viewpoint.

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Loïc comes to believe that his stalker is Sonia; he physically attacks her and she presses charges for assault.

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