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VS Code now measures the average time it takes to render a frame and if it takes too long, you will get a notification to switch to the new fallback DOM renderer: This new renderer uses the DOM like the original terminal, so if your environment has issues rendering with canvas, this should provide a more stable experience.

You can also turn on the DOM renderer manually with this setting: .

Welcome to the May 2018 release of Visual Studio Code.

You will notice several new features available for Preview in this milestone. Some of the key highlights include: Insiders: Want to see new features as soon as possible?

By default, VS Code will prompt you if we can update paths. Unused variables, parameters, and imports are now greyed out in Java Script and Type Script: Use a Quick Fix to remove them and clean up your code automatically: After cleanup: This can be disabled by setting .

A new Move to a new file refactoring for Java Script and Type Script lets you quickly move classes and functions to their own file: Before: After: Intelli Sense is now shown automatically in a few more places.

For symbols, the view relies on information computed by your installed extensions.

The outline view includes a filter box, different 'Sort By' modes, optional cursor tracking, and supports the usual open gestures, like Open to Side.

During this milestone, we began work to implement an editor grid layout feature to allow opening editors vertically and horizontally without limits: This feature will be available in our Insiders release in the beginning of June.

Preview features are not ready for release but are functional enough to use.

We welcome your early feedback while they are under development. While already functional, it is still in preview and needs to be enabled manually.

The commands step through the breakpoints in different files in the same order as they appear in the BREAKPOINTS view. This update brings new language features such as import() types, json imports, and many improvements to JSDoc.

It also brings some great new tooling support and fixes a number of bugs.

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