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I have women say to me: Oh, when I get to that age I won't want sex anymore, will I?People don't understand that at all and, for her, obviously, that relationship didn't work.Doesn't want to do it again and may not even want marriage.-- than there is on this subject: older women dating younger men.They have a list and they say: Why can't I have all those good things?sometimes it's the most unlikely person that is the perfect person for you.Dating includes rejection at every level, every age group no matter how beautiful you are.I've done my bit for marriage and the wedding cake business and all, I've done my bit.

[Laughs] Put it up in lights: I'm dating 20 years younger, aren't I clever and everybody would applaud and celebrate that.

well, in my day you see that's what you did: You married.

He was everything the magazines said: six foot tall and handsome and a sweet person.

What I want now is someone who is supportive and can live with a media gal like myself.

I'm out there on TV and doing many things and a lot of guys get competitive about that.

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They've learned so much more: what they want, what other people want.

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