Battery icon not updating android

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I wanna create an Android application, and I want to dynamically and automatically update the app icon similarly to how the calendar icon updates on a user's homescreen. For example, Samsung can ship a Samsung calendar app on Samsung devices.

To calibrate your battery, there are many ways of doing it, if you follow the book, but the most easiest and convenient one I did/used was, used the laptop continuously until I have drained out the battery to its maximum capacity, whereby you start receiving warnings at levels ‘10%’, ‘5%’, ‘2%’ and ‘Create a new Power-plan’ called ‘Calibrate Battery’ Go to Advanced Settings of this power plan Change Hibernate to Do Nothing.

Let the system crash and yes it does crash so keep in mind not to do anything intensive and start saving and closing your apps when the Battery Level reaches 5% or less, wait for it to go down completely, until the Orange/Red Blinking Light starts, you will also see the White Light lit up next to your webcam when the system goes down and crash, after this keep the laptop lid closed and press the power button to make sure there is no ounce of battery left, and the tablet/laptop does not turn on at all.

2015-01-10 21_27_06-Greenshot capture 2015-01-10 21_28_49-Device And there’s a trick to uninstalling the above properly and making it reinstall as well, if you simply do the above and keep using the system, it will reinstall back automatically and revert to the previous issue which you had , you need to shut down your laptop properly, keep it shut down without any AC charge or anything, for 8-10 hrs.

Usually do this before going to bed, wake up and when you get time, then turn it back on by holding the power button for a few seconds until the white light turns on, doing so I realized the battery showed accurate results and not prolonged the previous issues stated otherwise above.

2- Battery Stuck at 67%, 43% 59%, 49%, 22%, Battery percent will charge by A/C but will not reduce when in-use without AC: - After using this laptop constantly with charged battery to 100% first and not on A/C, I came across a problem on my second week with this whereby my battery would be stuck at random percentages after normally going down and wouldn’t go up when on charging nor reduce even while being on A/C later on it would show the plugged in Icon but not charging except stay stuck at random percentages, this only happened randomly and from time to time sometimes it would work sometimes it didn’t after few days the problem became persistent whereby I had to try a lot of things including uninstalling any necessary big patches applied recently or system restore and going through all the basic troubleshooting procedures to no avail.

Perhaps I want to offer some way for apps to change their icons on the fly, even though there are no standards for it. Perhaps I do not intend to use icons at all, as my home screen is optimized for the visually impaired, and so it is using text-to-speech and hardware key input.

It's my home screen implementation, and I can do what I want.

These two apps are developed by the device manufacturer.

You should not be able to do the same thing in a normal way as a third party developer.

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There's nothing stopping Samsung from exposing some sort of API to allow developers to hook into Samsung's home screen and notify it about this sort of thing.

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