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Tyler, TX: Institute for Christian Economics, 1989.

He then proposes that the coming of Christ described in Revelation did in fact take place, viz.

Irenaeus was a church father of the second century, many of whose letters have been passed down through time.

Concerning the mystic number of the beast given Revelation , Irenaeus says thus: “If it were necessary to have his name distinctly announced at the present time it would doubtless have been announced by him who saw the apocalypse; for it was not a great while ago that (it or he) was seen, but almost in our own generation, toward the end of Domitian’s reign.” It should be observed that the subject of the verb “was seen” is ambiguous, and may be understood to refer to either John or the apocalypse.

This is the only evidence of any value, and it is so slight as to be nearly worthless.

The Syriac Peshitto is among the earliest and most important versions.

The oldest of these is dated to within about one hundred years of the pens of the inspired writers.

Indeed, Paul affirms that the apostasy associated with the latter times was well under way when he wrote Timothy. John also wrote of this apostasy as a present fact saying “They went out from us, but there were not of us…” (I Jno.

) Like the spirit of Antichrist John said was already present and evidence that they were in the last days of the Mosaic age (I Jno.

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