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Tinder has launched Tinder U - a university specific dating section of their platform.You must be a current college student to use this feature and you can rest assured that others are all verified too.Nearly all the women's profiles I view have some note about how you should not mail them if you ain't got them basics of the grammars or spellings.In the end, there is an aspect of dating in general, and online dating more so, where everything feels like a failure, everyone a disappointment, dates all wastes of time, until which point it works out to some degree.This can help focus the dating app to quality as male profiles really have to think to make their profile appealing to women.

It has a relatively large user base so may be worth a try to find others who match your intellectual threshold.

Ok Cupid OKCupid is a dating platform that bills itself as a quality site that puts the emphasis on you.

As a result it may be a good choice to find others of intellect.

However, there is such a wide array of courses and criteria to get into university - including the typical Frat boys and Sorority Girls.

So if by intellect you just mean someone at a university (and you are a college student too) then this may be a good choice for you.

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As a result may be a good option in the current online fast dating environment.

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