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In season three, episode 23, "The Lunar Excitation," Penny acknowledges that she's not the same dumb blonde she was when she first moved into the building. He is a dumb, but good-hearted and well-meaning guy, who dates Penny on and off throughout the show.

Despite his lack of intelligence, he actually loves science and always wants to "talk science with the science guys." Unfortunately, those science guys have warped Penny into realizing how dumb Zack really is. One of the show's ongoing running gags is Penny's attractiveness, and her ability to get what she wants from men because of it.

That urge to chow down on every bit of chocolate in sight that comes with that time of the month can be particularly dangerous during Halloween when there is a lot of extra candy laying around.Then, Ramona quickly shifts her tune and says, "Sisters? As we all know, this isn't the only time we see Ramona shaking things up on the show.At this moment, in season seven, episode 22, "The Proton Transmogrification," Penny realizes that she's absorbed more nerd talk than she thinks.Then she insists that we all have that urge to fling our waste at those we don't like.Despite denying it, Penny finally admits to maybe having a bit of that urge when she has to endure an awkward conversation with Priya in the hall.

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If you let her go, there is no way you can find anyone else.

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