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Paxton emphasizes the more tender elements of Lukas’ character: “At the core of it, it’s this really interesting, complex love story between the two boys.” ‘s debut is still fresh, if not a little jarring. Then once I saw Catherine Hardwicke’s name attached as the director, I just had to get in there as soon as possible.

“I’m feeling something I’ve never felt before, and that’s always strange. It’s funny, Tyler [Young], my costar, just sent me a text this morning of some fan art that people are already making. I was actually sick the morning that I went in to audition.

Bill's passion for the arts was felt by all who knew him, and his warmth and tireless energy were undeniable.

He also starred in the HBO drama series Big Love (2006–2011), earning three Golden Globe Award nominations during the show's run.One of the less cynical, jaded people I've ever met in the business....He believed in entertainment being transportive and transformative.Among Paxton's earliest roles were a minor role as a punk in The Terminator (1984), a supporting role as the lead protagonist's bullying older brother Chet Donnelly in John Hughes's Weird Science (1985), and Private W. He directed several short films, including the music video for Barnes & Barnes's novelty song "Fish Heads," which aired during Saturday Night Live's low-rated 1980–81 season.He was cast in a music video for the 1982 Pat Benatar song "Shadows of the Night" in which he appeared as a Nazi radio officer.

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