Brett michaels and amber still dating

Plus, the men on her show were all musicians of self-proclaimed badasses, which was a nice change from the typical Brad/Chad types on these shows.Even though Daisy totally picked the wrong guy at the end, the boys of the show and their terrible pet names were cringe-worthy enough to make this hot mess of a show somehow work. Real Chance of Love (2008-2009)Former contestants on New York's love competition, brothers and rappers Real and Chance (Kamal and Ahmad Givens) got their own shot at love.So although it was the dram attached to the show, it still has to add to the juiciness that was Megan Wants a cred Niece of Oscar De La Hoya, young Daisy had just been heartbroken by rockstar Brett Michaels.

They even got picked up for a season 2 when Real's choice and him didn't work out and Chance ended up picking no one.

So, VH1 decided it's tiem that this little blonde gets her chance at finding her rockstar for life.

Daisy was your stereotypical "Dumb Blonde", but she had a rocker edge which made her so entertaining.

I mean, what other dating show on TV had both male and female contestants? Nowadays, Tila Tequila fires off on twitter with some rather unpleasant thoughts. The OG Vh1 dating show starred Rapper Flavor Flav from Public Enemy and his giant clock necklace.

Although most can agree that the rapper isn't the most, well...attractive to look at, his personality and taste in women made the reality show worth watching an worth three seasons.

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