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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The explanation of matters belonging to History, Geography, and Antiquities has been seldom touched upon, as being a province wholly distinct in its character, and requiring to be separately treated: information sufficient for all general purposes on the latter of these subjects will IV PREFACE. i Lflpvyttrbat to be con- ceitedf to give oneself airs.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. be found in the Dictionary of Antiquities lately brought out by the publishers of this work: and two similar works on the subjects of Mythology and Geography, if completed with equal ability, will supply, with the former, a deside- ratum long felt in this department of classical literature.

Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Many passages, however, where the vulgar reading, though not so obviously incorrect, has been nevertheless Believed to be corrupt, have been left untouched, from a desire not to encumber with a display of critical ostentation a work principally intended for younger students. Were I to state what is agreeable, I could not state the truthj so as to insure to my friends the continuance of the plea- sure.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . A few original emendations have been suggested, chiefly such as have occurred in carrying the work through the press: they are, however, merely offered as conjectures, which every one is at liberty to reject upon the production of better, and which can hardly be chargeable with presumption when not rashly obtruded upon the text. This will then correspond with Kt Bva T&Xri Brf in the rejoinder of the Chorus v. To this the Chorus replies, Would^ indeed, that in stating the truths you might say what is agreeable : for these things, if divided (that is, a pleasant statement but not a true one), cannot long be concealed: vv.

^ Tov Tvpdyyov rija^e yift wa Xai trori ; the construction is not tov ird Xai irorc rvpayyov^ but Tvpayyov is equivalent to rvpayyev- aayro Q, See ace/, aiiy in their order* 'Aeihiv to sinffj A, 16.

That it is an adjective and not the participle of the verb, is shewn by the words n)v dei Cwy noay in f Vagm.

It remains only to express a hope that this work, imperfect as in many respects it is, may not be without advantage to those who desire an accurate acquaintance with that language whose magnificent remains, though mutilated by the ravages of time, and by the ignorance of still more merciless tran- scribers, must for ever form the basis of all sound and liberal education : a language which, to whatever theme or subject it be applied — whether breathing from the harp of Sappho, or pealing with the thunder of Demosthenes — stands unri- valled beneath the sun for gloiy and for beauty, and which contains the record, not only of the most illustrious achieve- ments which the world has ever witnessed, but of the most ennobling sentiments of which the human heart is capable, and the sublimest speculations which human reason has produced. It is hoped that, in its present state, it will be found to contain all which the student can ordinarily require for the elucidation of JSschylus. * Some dissyllable words with long penult, should have had this mark supplied for the sake of uniformity, e. ay 17, dfxogt arri, Sa XSg, ^vvav, Spiftv Qt Bvuvt Ovfi Sif tyac follows so soon after, seems little to the purpose, repetitions of the same word being very common in ifeschylus.

The manuscript having been almost entirely recomposed whilst passing through the press, and the cor- rection of the sheets having to be simultaneously performed * These latter have been omitted in the second edition to make room for the references to Dindorf : it having been thought more likely to promote the convenience of the student to give references throughout to two complete editions of the author. without any kind of assistance, and frequently under circum- stances the most unfavorable, it may be supposed that the weariness attendant on such a task may have led to some occasional oversights. The inverted order of the words ki^vcl ra Xri Bfi in v. by which the stress is laid on Ke^ya as a predicate of ra Xffii}, seems to favour this con- jecture.

These have been arranged in the Index along with the references to Wc Uauer; the Lexicon may, therefore, now be used with equal facility as a commentary with either of these editions.

— to hold in esteem, to believe in, Ayoif A &yj (sc.

Ayere, ruiy 9ra- \ai vevpayuiywy \v Twc w Uhaut apprehmeion.

where ko X tov aoy av Qi Q irp6ye wpoer Kvy Q, Plat.

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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. The references are given to the text of Wellauer, as perhaps on the whole the least objectionable of the complete editions of ^schylus for the use of younger students.

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