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Then I was always playing the gay guy who you think is straight and is not,” he said. Over Super Bowl weekend there were 14 dudes at my house upstate. It was a bunch of middle-aged dudes, ranging in age from 30 to 50. So it’s like four guys sitting around singing,” he said.

The New York Times praised his performance, saying, “His scene with Eric Mc Cormack, asking him to move in, had a dignity rare in sitcoms.” The poker group is [Joe] Lo Truglio, [Bobby] Cannavale, Dallas Roberts. It was like, When is the last time a bunch of dudes got together for a weekend? I don’t call people who like to come drink and sing “American Pie.”In an interview, Rudd named Cannavale, Lo Truglio and Peter Dinklage amongst his karaoke family.“We’ve all ‘raoked together over the years.

He appeared in The Take (2007) alongside John Leguizamo and Tyrese Gibson, as Agent Steve Perelli. Ciarlo, known as "Babe", in the Ken Burns PBS film series The War (the story of World War II) from the perspective of the men who fought in combat and their loved ones at home.

The father-son duo actually shared the screen on You never actually expect to ever work with your kid, and I love being around him, so it was just another facet of our relationship. I ended up having a kid very young, and it put things in perspective.

In 2003, Cannavale briefly appeared on the last two episodes of Oz.

He also appeared in the film The Station Agent as a man who befriends a little person removed from society.

He became the most important person in my life, and everything else seemed to fall into place.

I’ve made decisions that perhaps have not let me go as far in my career, but I’m totally fine with that because it’s kept me close to my son.

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