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However, I had a nice experience with a sample of cream from Tatcha. It smells amazing and does everything you hope that it would. I am very skeptical about the oil-based cleansers, as I have sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin that tends to break out from almost everything, especially from oils (even cleansing oils).A romantic man, with whom we hug each other, we will look at the evening sky and understand that there are more happy moments in our life than stars in the sky.

Was so pleasantly surprised to find that it cleaned my skin, did not clog my pores or feel heavy and made my skin very balanced and happy!It cleanses quickly, rinses quickly with no residue and doesn't strip the skin.It doesn't have any perfumes in it, so it is really gentle.I cannot repeat enough: the only oil that does not break out my sensitive and acne prone skin, which tends to break out from any other cleansing (or non-cleansing) oil, even the ones that are advertised as acne-friendly.I am in love with the superior performance of TATCHA products.

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