Characteristics of a player dating

This guy is addicted to the adrenaline rush he gets from engaging in conflict. After the first date, he has changed his Facebook status to, “in a relationship.” He constantly initiates communication and seems to be fascinated with you on every level. They compare you to ex-lovers, friends, family members, and your eventual replacement.

If there isn’t conflict going on, he will find a way to start it. You met him on July 3 and he is already planning a Christmas getaway for the two of you after only two weeks. By Christmas there will be no trip, he will have lost interest and you’ll be licking your emotional wounds because you fell for his game, hook, line and sinker. When idealizing, they make you feel special by telling you how much better you are than these people. At first, they appeal to your deepest vanities and vulnerabilities, observing and mimicking exactly what they think you want to hear.

But there are less-obvious characteristics that almost all cheaters share. "Trust your gut here and confront him," says Danine Manette, a professional investigator and author of . Cheaters commonly pretend to forget things they're actually pretty sure of, says Deborrah Cooper, a San Francisco dating advisor for and author of the forthcoming , he may find it safer to "forget" your favorite restaurant or even your birthday. "He does outrageous things that can ruin his career, then tries to charm his way out of it," notes Dr. Her advice: "Keep him on notice that you will leave any time he's not holding up his end of the bargain.

He's on it more often (and often outside), he ignores calls, he changes his passcode frequently or he suddenly starts leaving it in the office or car.

His life is one big lie and so are his feelings for you. He, on the other hand, can do no wrong and you better not forget that. The toxic man is childlike in his ability to grasp the concept of not only receiving respect but returning it. He will dismiss your true feelings and assign you feelings that most often mimic what he is feeling.

He won’t respect your need for time alone or time with family and friends. You’re only there because you were the first of fifth he found to do his bidding. Psychologist and psychiatrists called this “projection.” Projection is a psychological defense mechanism in which he attributes characteristics he finds unacceptable in himself to another person…you.

This person will be authentic, strong, supportive and it will bring up things to work on from past relationships.

Don’t let a game changer disappear when you’re going through a rough patch.

Staunch denial may mean you should go to a therapist to help you extract yourself from this toxic relationship," advises Dr.

Go all in and see it through because they’re aren’t many of them around.

Certain signs of infidelity are clear: lipstick on the collar, smell of perfume and Sunday-night business meetings. But if the below rings true about your guy and your instincts tell you something's not right, you might want to check that collar. He's trying to lock you out of his life, literally and figuratively.

Looks incredible dressed up or in a simple t-shirt and jeans.

A game changer will make you see life with more clarity and optimism but it certainly won’t be perfect.

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