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#09/02/12: Reordered inputs and removed “Label ESonly” input.

#12/28/12: Made the plot hide on daily charts and updated code to current standards.

Once there, the instructions are the same as in the question just above this one. In your /ES chart, click on the little studies button in the toolbar to open the studies drop down and select “Edit Studies” 2. Highlight the single line of code that says “plot Data = close;” and delete it.

You can then right click on the line and choose “Edit Properties” to get it perfectly on zero. The quad setup will now be saved in a list of saved layouts there in that upper right box if you ever need it. Find My Trade by clicking on the Tools tab on your thinkorswim platform, or use a web browser to visit If using the browser, log in with your thinkorswim username and password. The /ES is near 2,000 and IBM in this example is less than 0, so the price gets totally scrunched down at the bottom of the screen while the chart is showing you pivot levels for the /ES up near the top. Open the chart settings box by clicking the little gear in the toolbar of your /ES chart.#02/02/12: Small update to make sure “Auto Pivots” menu option functioned properly. #07/13/12: Added value bubbles, removed proximity plot function.#06/07/12: Added (6)VPOC inputs, should be manually entered/deleted, displays when applicable. #08/13/12: Removed a lot of superfluous code plus a few upgrades.#01/04/13: Fixed a rare bug that hides labels if using tick charts.#01/28/13: Added ability to hide each individual level.

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The code is always posted up in the advance-decline box in the upper right.

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