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Chat rooms and social media sites have become a standard form of communication for many people, but recently it has garnered the attention of specialized police initiatives to trap unsuspecting people into implicating themselves in serious felonies.Our internet chat room defense attorneys have been specializing in sex crimes for more than 19 years and have the experience, talent, and legal knowledge to win a favorable outcome in your case.Next, the person had the specific intent to attempt to commit conduct prohibited by the statute.For example, sexual penetration of a person between the ages of 13 and 16.This is the point where the “sting” takes effect and the person’s IP address is logged and tracked to their physical address.

For example, accosting, enticing or soliciting a child for an immoral purpose is prohibited by this statute and MCL 750.145a.If you are facing allegations of internet sex crimes we will try to get out in front of the allegations and prevent formal charges from ever being filed.This will keep your record clean and prevent the unnecessary hardship of a protracted legal battle.Additionally, recruiting, inducing, or soliciting a minor is illegal under this statute and MCL 750.145c.Also, soliciting a minor for kidnapping is expressly specified as illegal to even talk about over the internet.

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The court of appeals has stated that there are three elements that must be present to reach a conviction under this statute.

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