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They were sipping on two steaming hot cups of cocoa coffee. I just wanted to convince you to let aunty Rebecca to stay with us. Blaze was confused for a moment before realization dawned on him. Jie Er was the last person he wanted to disappoint, in this world. Jie Er tried to look serious for a moment before her lips sprouted a wide grin. " he said sarcastically, before going to the stove and pouring himself a cup of the cocoa coffee. She dropped him off at the library and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, before flying off to her battalion. He returned the history book & started browsing for more. Blaze grabbed her from under and leaned into her breasts. You are also forty years younger than me and yet, you held your own. Agatha's moans got louder and louder, until she finally gasped, arched her back and came; flooding Blaze with hot wetness.

She manifested a couple of beautiful twelve-foot-long golden blonde wings, gave him a condescending look, and took to the skies. If I may say so myself" "Just wanted to thank you and invite you for lunch, aunty. I also wanted to talk to you about the clothes" Blaze said with a smile. It was a condo like Jie Er's; living room, kitchen and a bedroom. I was wondering if you could use colors like brown, orange, blue etc for the others. Agatha looked back at him with a glazed look and nodded. I meant refocusing energy from the growth of your breasts! But he isn't taking advantage of her naivete, he is manipulating her for no reason. "Unlike some, I have people who like my company" Blaze quipped back. She also told him about the practice rooms at the library. " Elyssa stressed "And you are kinda little" Blaze replied, exaggerating her shortness with his hand. If you win I will stop calling you little and if I win you stop calling me a child. If not, she will have enough time to find another place. *** "That was a long lunch" the girl commented when he went back to his seat. Now that I think of it, I can just call you shorty." "You... He just had to put up with her airs after each question he posed. Why do you get more out of the wager, if you don't consider yourself a child? Despite the pain in his forearm he held strong for a while before he gave in. After breakfast, the three of them decided to head out for the day. He walked to his previous spot and found the noble girl sitting at the same position. Blaze didn't know what that book was, but by her tone he guessed that it was a children's book. I was reading 'How to deal with brainless snobby brats'" "hmmph. Keep struggling with something you have no way of understanding" the girl replied and went back to reading. Finally, with one last strong shove, he meshed his nether regions into her and came inside her, coating her walls with sperm. Let's see how strong you are then" he said leaning forward and placing his elbow on the table. Their eyes widened as they stared at each other in surprise. Someone wise once said that waiting for an attack to happen is worse than the actual attack! He picked up "Ethics of the Angels vs Ethics of the Demons - based on the personal experiences of Nala White" on the first floor, and "Physics of energy condensation" from the third floor. He wasn't going to prolong a conversation he had already won. He started humping more vigorously as Agatha's legs wrapped around him. Without any indication, both unleashed their full strength. I have the title of being the strongest young angel in the country. I just can't accept your loss" Elyssa replied morosely, but with a smile.

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