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Still debating on re-listing or get to work on the things I would like to see done to the car. Rickrick, walk away from the car for another month & 1/2 and then re-list it. Try dropping it 00 and see if somebody snaps it up on buy it now.

All that being said, my wife's uncle told me that a '35 Standard was the first car he ever drove at 95 mph. It was cheap so he thought there must be something wrong with it. In this case of loss of control, it continued until the car climbed the oncoming hill where it slowed enough to let the clutch out and further slow down to a safe speed. No doubt that these cars could be modified to go faster, but; in the original 1930's engineering state only on a test track under perfect conditions could such speed be produced.

Decided to let the post in 33--36 section I made remain.

Good looking car , hopefully finds a new home in a chevy lovers garage.

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