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Afterward, participants indicated whether they would or would not be interested in meeting their date again, by answering “yes” or “no.” Unselectivity was measured by asking participants “To what percentage of the other people here today will this person say 'yes'?

The study involved seven speed-dating sessions, in which each speed date was four minutes long.Finkel and Eastwick discuss one feature of romantic attraction as reciprocity of liking.Specifically, they note that research has distinguished , in which a couple shares unique desire for each other.They cite earlier research demonstrating that potential romantic partners are more interested in someone who is uniquely interested in them, as opposed to equally interested in everyone they meet.[2] They suggest that these findings show that romantic desire is a turnoff, because it indicates desperation.Bonding Through Reciprocal Unique Desire The earlier research Finkel and Eastwick cite is a speed-dating study, “Selective Versus Unselective Romantic Desire,” in which Eastwick et al.

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