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“It’s like this is where the black people can watch their black programming on this night.”VH1’s Olde, however, notes that while the network’s black-centric shows are most popular with African-American women, they attract viewers of all ethnicities and backgrounds.The popularity of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” proved that a reality show featuring a mostly black cast can cross ethnic lines and become a cultural phenomenon.VH1 executive vice president Jeff Olde admits that the shift from oh-no-they-didn’t fare to more mature material is totally intentional.“We constantly have to evolve and tell our audience different stories,” he says.“I love that we’ve been able to get more diverse with our audience by — in large part — attracting African-American women to the network.While cat fights will flare up with the “Basketball Wives” and Chilli promises a tiff with her sassy matchmaker on “What Chilli Wants,” these new shows certainly aren’t selling buzzworthy moments akin to “Flavor of Love” contestants spiting on each other or suddenly defecating on the floor.“I watched ‘Flavor of Love’ myself,” attests Chilli.“It was definitely one of the shows I thought was interesting, but it made sense for Flav to do it just that way.Instead, the 39-year-old singer and mother meets bachelors at black-tie affairs and confers with a dating expert, as well as her 12-year-old son.

For the notoriously trashy VH1, it’s not reality as usual.

While the new shows are targeted to an underserved audience, they require more of an investment from viewers, especially if they don’t care about the personal lives of such B-list celebrities as Chilli and Brandy, or any of those “Basketball Wives.”“It’s a little bit more of a leap for VH1 viewers than ‘Flavor of Love,’ ‘Rock of Love’ and the other shows,” says Graff.

“Anyone who watches VH1 definitely knows and is entertained by Flavor Flav and New York.

Chilli laughed off her friend's hints, but she also made it crystal clear where she stands when it comes to vacation hookups and one-night stands. But, it's important to me so it is what it is." Chilli also let the crew know that she will be turning up on adrenaline alone because she does not drink alcohol due to her spiritual beliefs.

"My celibacy is solely based on my relationship with God," said Thomas. Thankfully, everyone respected her boundaries and didn't make her feel like an outsider because of her choices. Simone asked Chilli about what qualities she wanted in a man and the conversation progressed towards her relationship status.

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