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Kelleher-Andrews; her mother, Jill Kelleher, who founded the company in 1986; or Sunya Andrews, 36, one of Ms.

Kelleher-Andrews’s seven nieces, who’s been with the company for more than eight years.

Gupta, 52, “but as with anything that’s interesting and stimulating, it is a large segment of singles.

Invariably you do find people hooking up together.” He is not yet a client of Ms. “She’s trying to convince me,” he said with a smile.

SAN FRANCISCO — On a characteristically foggy evening here, a group of predominantly single venture capitalists, tech executives, hedge-fund managers and philanthropists gathered for a cocktail party in a penultimate-floor suite at the St. As guests ate oysters, baby lamb chops and perhaps the world’s smallest cheeseburgers, they were pitched a multiday, intellectually rigorous singles mixer to be held in January 2014 on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s 74-acre Caribbean paradise, “curated” by Kelleher International, a long-running, high-end matchmaking service that is targeting Silicon Valley with particular vigor.

Wearing an Alexander Mc Queen dress and towering Valentino heels as she sold the idea was the company’s 44-year-old chief executive, Amber Kelleher-Andrews.

The upscale firm describes its typical client as “smart, successful and elegant.” “Wealthy” must be a given as well, considering the service starts at ,000 per year of unlimited matches in one city.

A fee of ,000 buys a year’s worth of unlimited matches in one city. Kelleher-Andrews provides contact information and then conducts a detailed postdate follow-up with both parties.“Who’d think that men would watch a reality dating show? Since Jill Kelleher started the firm with a ,500 check from her first client, a lawyer who answered an ad she had placed in San Francisco magazine, the company has focused on higher-end clients, and it was early in targeting the growing male-dominated demographic of Internet moguls, both women said.“Mom basically existed off the Silicon Valley people when it was just being born,” Ms. “People who owned the big companies that were being built, from Sun to Microsoft to Oracle, the big people in those companies can’t put themselves in a photo book on a dating service.Most of the employees are the ones looking in those photo books.”Of course, Kelleher International isn’t the only matchmaking service seeing dollar signs in Silicon Valley.Asked about the paradox of freshly minted tech millionaires relying on old-fashioned methodology to find a partner, Jill Kelleher expressed some regret about her career path. you can bet they’re not swiping right on Tinder either.

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“Apply the same strategy to your love life that you have used to achieve success in your professional life,” Adler says.

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  2. In November, the Boston Police Department warned daters to be wary of people they met online after robbers targeted victims who thought they were meeting a romantic interest at a specific address. "Members of the public are urged to take precautions when using social media or dating websites because it's possible you could come across a 'Catfisher.'" Criminals searching for real-world victims online haven't just focused on dating sites.