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Communicating your goals clearly will help you identify if you are on the same page and interested in the same thing.It’s a way to vet the other person and see if you are compatible at all.Moreover, it will help you to hold each other accountable and decrease the risk to get stuck in a situationship.Point number 3 on how to date with purpose perfectly fits after number 2.Being intentional about your life together is what differentiates dating from courtship.As you might know, I believe that setting boundaries is the number one way to inspire a man to commit.Your goal should be to find out more about him by observing his wants and needs, understanding his personality and identifying his love language (highly recommended).

And yes, I know that a lot of women have a hard time setting boundaries because they are afraid that he might leave.– Meaning it is the traditional way for a man to wine and dine a woman with the goal to marry her. In my opinion, it’s the intention behind it – marriage.While nowadays some couples date just so that they can have someone to cuddle during the holiday season (also called cuffing season), without the intent to ever enter matrimony. When entering a godly relationship with another Christian we are called to honor the other person as the brother or sister in Christ that they are and therefore be purposeful in the interaction.You get to enjoy each other’s company, but you are also very intentional about progressing the relationship.You start to merge your lives, meet each other’s families and get help from wise council.

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