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Validation of processes and systems is fundamental to achieving these goals.It is by design and validation that a manufacturer can establish confidence that the manufactured products will consistently meet their product specifications.Whenever possible, prospective validation is preferred. Retrospective validation is no longer encouraged and is, in any case, not applicable to the manufacturing of sterile products.4.2.1 There should be an appropriate and sufficient system including organizational structure and documentation infrastructure, sufficient personnel and financial resources to perform validation tasks in a timely manner.Management and persons responsible for quality assurance should be involved.4.2.2 Personnel with appropriate qualifications and experience should be responsible for performing validation.

Other steps in the process must be under control to maximize the probability that the finished product consistently and predictably meets all quality and design specifications.

In addition to the main part, appendices on validation2.1 These guidelines focus mainly on the overall concept of validation and are intended as a basic guide for use by GMP inspectors and manufacturers.

It is not the intention to be prescriptive in specific validation requirements.

I still remember the first time I met Ken when I was a young man eager to learn and attending a meeting in Washington in 1981 where FDA top officials were "laying it on the line" in terms of giving their expectations for computer validation.

In those days, it was very clear who were the regulators and who were the regulated.

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