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A diagnostic test can tell you for definite that your baby has a problem. However, these tests do not detect every possible genetic or chromosome problem, only ones that are known.Before you make any decisions on which antenatal screening tests to accept or not, it is important that you and your partner think about the implications of the result.If the result is a ‘higher chance’ of a problem then you will be offered a diagnostic test. Some women will be told that their baby has a higher chance of a problem when they do not have a problem.Similarly, for a few women, they will be told they have a lower chance of a problem when in fact the baby does have a problem.Most women are routinely offered two ultrasound scans during pregnancy: We occasionally do detect major abnormalities at this scan too.If we do detect a problem we will refer you to a specialist screening midwife and/or a doctor.

Therefore, as soon as you know you are pregnant please contact your GP, Midwife or complete our online referral form: It is always your choice whether to have a test or not.

For women booking later than this we recommend the tests are taken as soon as possible.

In addition to checking your haemoglobin for low iron level (anaemia), your blood group and rhesus factor, we also recommend screening for the following: Please read this information leaflet before your first booking appointment, so that you have the information and knowledge to make a decision regarding these tests.

There are important differences between screening tests and diagnostic tests (see below).

It is always your choice whether or not to have these tests.

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