Computer froze while updating bios Where to sex cam

There is an unknown error and it seems Microsoft is the last to respond, as usual.

My repair was to reinstall from scratch, a pain,as all know so well.

Uncheck it, then right click on it and choose to hide that update. I'm trying to get Windows 7 back, after upgrading to 10. You may want to have a technician fix it and diagnose it online.

PLaces like Geek will do it for a fixed rate and will do it while on the phone with you.

If no then tell me if you have the laptop still in warranty period.So you're probably going to be stuck doing a System Repair.Just insert your Vista disk, press any key to boot from CD when prompted, and follow the dialogue to start a System Repair. See: would be helpful to know what update is causing the problem.When turning on the fan spins, the cd tray works, but the screen stays blank and only a single power light stays on.I tried starting the machine with no RAM inserted to see if the bios would beep. I think i need to reset the CMOS and in another thread there were instructions as follows " two exposed metal traces labelled CLRP1. I lightly pushed a flat head Metal screwdriver on the traces, also tried a paperclip,other screwdrives, and basically everything metal.

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Now my computer is stuck in a cycle of trying to update then shutting down and restarting. Here are some featured member answers to get you started, butplease read all the advice and suggestions that ourmembers have contributed to this question. message ID=3151693#3151693If you have any additional advice or suggestions for Susannah, please click on the reply link and post your answer.

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