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A 2017 survey by Ok Cupid found that 74 percent of its users considered voting for Trump a deal breaker.

That same year, a writer for the Federalist claimed that liberals’ “refusal to date conservatives is one reason we have Donald Trump,” which feels like a difficult thesis to prove.

And probably if I lost 15lbs I could also be a total bitch and have a handful of men puppy-dogging me around town. He's brilliant and he can do no wrong." And I fell silent. Because she was just agreeing with me and passionate about agreeing with me and in the same breathe said those words.

But in this climate in NYC especially, if I have my own mind, if I've been open-minded to listening to conservatives and they made their argument well.

If you’re a young Republican looking for love, there are plenty of swipe-based options at your disposal.

Earlier this year, Politico magazine documented the dating trials of millennial Trump staffers, many of whom claimed that supporting the president makes them outcasts — even in Washington, DC.To them, it amounts to anti-conservative discrimination.Emily Moreno, the founder of Donald Daters, told me she once had a date walk out on her “before the drinks had even arrived” after she said she had worked on a Republican Senate campaign — and that was before Trump got elected.But some right-leaning folks say they’ve struck out on these platforms because would-be matches don’t agree with their politics — “Trump supporters swipe left” is a common refrain.In recent years, a crop of conservative dating startups have launched in response to this phenomenon, all with one purpose: giving right-wingers a safe space to find love.

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