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Please watch the following video with the summary of IFRS 10: If you like this summary, please let me know by leaving a comment right below. The subsidiary can be a company, corporation, or limited liability company.Let’s break it down a bit: When assessing whether an investor controls an investee, more than one factor need to be considered. In order to prepare consolidated financial statements, IFRS 10 prescribes the following consolidation procedures: If you’d like to learn HOW to actually apply these consolidation procedures and how to prepare the consolidated financial statements on numerical examples, please check out the IFRS Kit.Except for basic consolidation procedures, IFRS 10 prescribes number of other rules for preparing consolidated financial statements, such as: Most investment entities CANNOT present consolidated financial statements and instead, they need to measure an investment in a subsidiary at fair value through profit or loss in line with IFRS 9 Financial Instruments.Under this method, the parent must record any profit or losses realized from the subsidiary on its income statement.Parent companies with less than a 20% stake and no control of the subsidiary merely record the investment at historical cost or the purchase price on its balance sheet.However, creditors of an insolvent subsidiary may be able to obtain a judgment against the parent if they can pierce the corporate veil and prove that the parent and subsidiary are mere alter egos of one another, therefore any copyrights, trademarks, and patents remain with the subsidiary until the parent shuts down the subsidiary.One of the ways of controlling a subsidiary is achieved through the ownership of shares in the subsidiary by the parent.

Here, I’d like to summarize the first “consolidation” standard dealing with the consolidated financial statements: IFRS 10.

Subsidiaries are a common feature of business life, and most multinational corporations organize their operations in this way.

Jefferies Financial Group, Warner Media, or Citigroup; as well as more focused companies such as IBM or Xerox.

In the United States railroad industry, an operating subsidiary is a company that is a subsidiary but operates with its own identity, locomotives and rolling stock.

In contrast, a non-operating subsidiary would exist on paper only (i.e., stocks, bonds, articles of incorporation) and would use the identity of the parent company.

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