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That’s sorta what I’ve encountered with guys who have really big penises. That big penis isn't going to do everything for you. And the next day have to pop, like, two Aleve because I was so sore.A couple of guys I’ve dated who have above-average ones just assume because they have that, they’re awesome in bed. I’d rather have a big penis than a teeny peen, but I have noticed that guys with average or smaller penises will at least sometimes work a little harder to make up for that -- and are usually way better in bed." -- "I don’t know how this happened, but I am a magnet for giant dongs. Big penises can also inhibit the positions you can do.

I get a glimpse of his cock in the light of a lamppost outside and it's huge... My drunk self decides I can take this and I'm so drunk and so horny that we get to it and he goes in dry.

You either need to adjust the condom, or add more lube.

When I was dating that guy, I swear we went through like a bottle of lube every couple of weeks." -- "One night I went home with this guy I'd met.

One guy I dated was so big, it just seemed like none of them worked.

It would always fall out, and a couple of times it broke, which was terrifying. It just interrupts everything, all the starting and stopping.

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Even research is backing up the fact that women find men sexy when they are working in the kitchen. I didn’t cook much, beyond some Kraft Dinner, and I didn’t have a taste for spices.

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