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Especially if they have it in Costa Rica where everything is cheaper and you get a cute cabana to recuperate in with room service. Sonja says you only get away with being secretive for about two years and Tinsley’s two years are up. She was in Boston having Asian takeout at her boyfriend Paul’s house. Unbeknownst to her the soup also had bonito flakes popular in some Asian cuisines. It’s Dorinda’s Birthday and Luann’s Cabaret performance. Sadly, everyone has agreed to stop by and wish Ramona well before they head off to the surprise party Ramona has planned. Or else this is VERY production driven because Dorinda is looking like a full blown cunt right now. Thankfully, there is a nutcracker pinata that they all get to beat the shit out of to distract them. Nearly a month later everyone finally sings happy birthday to her. Oh wow, Dorinda’s home in the Berkshires was recently flooded.

Dorinda and Sonja both feel the need to pry into Tinsley’s dating life. I think they are mad that she is not sharing her full life on camera. Bonito is what we call skipjack, a small cheap tuna fish. I am surprised she didn’t know right away that she had eaten fish. Once again, Ramona has decided not to attend an all cast. Noel and Victoria are there in the dressing room supporting their mother. Meanwhile downstairs Dorinda is talking about freezing and thawing Tinsley’s dead dog. Then when they all get to the dressing room, Luann promptly throws them out. Dorinda’s standy up portion includes, “I actually loved rehab.

A witness tells the site that the Countess “met a hot, younger guy.” The insider continues, “He was an exotic-looking Brazilian with long locks,” and, “They whispered to each other… then it turned into 40 minutes of making out and groping.” “Lu Ann was leaning on him, making out like she was a shark devouring her prey,” the witness continued.“There was no making out or public display,” the friend said.“I feel very lucky,” the recently divorced Lu Ann told People. He’s just lovely.”Things seem to have gotten serious between the two as Lu Ann reveals she recently met his family. We went to see the parts of Paris that Jacques grew up in … [His family are] very nice people, lovely people.”“I feel very lucky, I never thought I would be lucky enough to find somebody like that again in my life,” continued Lu Ann.Lu’s really just bringing on the bad press this week since TMZ says she’s also getting sued by her kids and Count Chocula (actually called Alexandre de Lesseps).As part of their divorce arrangement, Lu was supposed to create a trust for half of her .1 million Sag Harbor house in the kids’ (Noel and Victoria) names.

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