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I come out and should tell the my identity as a Jew and lesbian.

Web site t Jiat suggested the two As proof, Dmdge cited two student shooters were gay. relied won mainstream attention by leaking Netvsiveek's provided gossipmaster Matt Drudge fed the nmior mills by posting an item on The two postings that Drudge posted as hoaxes after the shootings began.

Dmdge, spread false rumors quickly, the massacre at If Columbine Kan., minister best —some would say inflammatory—speculation about known for picketing the funerals of gay people, considered picketing the April 25 memorial two youths who killed otliers: None of it was His reason: The media had ignored the Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the vigil in Littleton.

Lincoln as they remember him: Memories of Lincoln / by C. A few years ago, while working as a lawyer in Boston, I was drawn to researching the mystery of my family's past.

who are the proud parents of a dog and cat, who exhibit no signs of shame at living with lesbians. my find people years ago my partner and I exchanged marriage vows, and today covered the central missing piece: concealing their true identity for over of my ing was a sense of both danger and unspeakable tragedy.

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plicit in their silence of detective work, Only then did edacity for met.

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