Dating a capricorn aquarius cusp

If you face a problem, you can resolve it by having a conversation.Capricorn Aquarius cusp personality is such that they will always speak their mind.Of course, the upside to this abundant and satisfying imaginative life is the creative personality that flows from within.

They like to talk about what is upsetting them to be able to let it go.Yes, this pairing of Saturn and Uranus is emotional and creative, but they also crave context and admire logic and reasoning. This, combined with their creativity, makes room for success in work...if the Capricorn-Aquarius cusp can commit to working for success in this waking realm. If you look up the meaning, you will find that cusp is defined as a point where two curves meet.These are the people whose birthdays fall on the dates where the Capricorn sign is ending, and the Aquarius sign is starting.

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As is true for most of us, Capricorn-Aquarians hold many contradictions within them.

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