Dating a closeted man

MC: Why did he pretend to be straight for a decade? Because he wasn't sure he was gay (he was in denial), he didn't confess earlier for fear of losing me.

After he confessed, I broke into his e-mail and found not only gay porn but messages to one of his lovers.

During pregnancy, they will avoid physical intimacy using excuses that it creeps them out or claim they do not want to hurt the baby.

After a child is born, avoiding sex can be fraudulently justified with claims they are worried the new mother is too tired or a woman may be harshly critiqued for her change in breast size.

When I read that he was developing real-life feelings for his lover, I realized why he chose to tell me when he did.

The confusing part is, when we did have sex, he had no problem getting it up.Preferring ones who are less than sexual but love to procreate, marrying a gal who will have a low interest in sexual activity but is likely to be willing to churn out children is the typically preferred target.Ladies, if your husband is not initiating some form of intimate contact or another on a daily basis [or at least 3 or more times a week at home], consider the possibility they either are having an affair or medical difficulties.No man with a healthy appetite for life is too tired for sexual activity or finds it too difficult to maintain an erection long enough to copulate with his female lover on a regular (if not daily) basis.Partners who prefer their women to act as breeders will typically use the whole “maternity gig” as a ruse to avoid getting physical (in the romantic sense) with their mate.

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