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And the book cannot be found listed for sale by any retailer.

A man named Paul Horner has identified himself as the creator of several sites that posted the story, including

Except the night she chose to confess her feelings, the night he rebuked her embarrassing advance, was the night her stalker kidnapped her. Well, she’s back in Washington and, even though her dad’s no longer in office, she’s started to get threatening letters.

As a result, an extensive background check is required, including an in-depth polygraph exam. Though the secret service is not expected to add positions, jobs will become available through natural attrition and retirements, meaning that opportunities will continue to exist for qualified candidates.

Upon appointment, candidates for special agent undergo an extensive 27-week training session, spending 10 weeks at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia for the Basic Criminal Investigator Training Program and then 17 weeks in Washington, D. Special agents are appointed at either the G7 or G9 pay level, and starting salary, including a 25 percent availability pay additive, will range from ,000 to ,000 annually depending on the initial duty station.

Others blend into the crowd, ready to take any action necessary to protect their charge.

All of them are specially trained agents who have dedicated their careers in the service of their country.

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