Dating a yamaha sa2016

Fantastic sound and over the top engineering make this a Classic everyone wants to own if you love your two strokes.

Came into the UK as a restoration project, registered by us and now finished to a very high standard. Broke the hearts of all the British bike manufacturers when first introduced. Sold in their millions and now a classic collectors bike.

It was imported into the UK in October 2013 without its US title.

It naturally neede to be dated in order to get it registered here in the UK.

A low, sculpted seat holds the rider in place, pulling rails up to impose a casual pattern, cruising the urban.Originally Posted by Mark250GP Because the YZ is about the best handling bike you get with KYB SSS.This lovely old 1972 Yamaha had spent its days in Colorado USA where the air is clean and had not suffered any corrosion whatsoever.Originally an Italian bike but now sreaming round our roads courtesy of Motorbike Registrations.The largest of the Suzuki Triples and watercooled to boot !

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