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After researching direct marketing, he starting marketing Double Your Dating, a highly successful e-book which teaches men how to meet women.This remains a major part of a business that supposedly brings in between million and million per year.I’ve posted about David Deangelo and given a pretty good overview of his dating site.You find pretty standard articles of dating tips and dating trends for free, and you’re encouraged to buy David Deangelo videos, David Deangelo books, and other forms of David Deangelo pickup artist advice.

If it doesn’t, you’re probably not likely to be using his advice anyway.

More than one supposed former customers claims this marketing bleeds over into the realm of the Internet scammer.

Charges range from vague dating advice which doesn’t really work, to credit card scams for those who sign up for David De Angelo’s courses and e-books.

My customers were men who needed to learn how to get the date in the first place so that they could then go on to have a relationship. They should have gone on to be #1 in search engines, but they didn’t. Google A little startup of a couple of young guys created something that actually beat Microsoft. With 100 million or so people using Gmail and everybody on the planet using their search engine, maps, and other tools, Google should have gone on to win the social networking game. These big companies were already placed in a mental category.

So I carved off this chunk, maybe 10-20% of the market, and created products and services to cater to a need that was critically important to them that wasn’t being met. Since this need wasn’t being met, I quickly became #1 in the category. gorilla in a business category is almost never the one who builds the next category that they should have built and that they should have won the game at. People thought, you’re a software maker, not a hardware maker.

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